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Hand drawn iIllustration by Supermundane with lots of intricate lines and patterns

We want to bring great art and culture to everyone, everywhere across England.

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We achieve this by supporting projects and organisations through our National Portfolio of art organisations and Major Partner Museums, through our Strategic Funding that addresses gaps in provision, and through our rolling funding programme, Grants for the Arts, which is open to everyone. We aim to make sure that people throughout England have the chance to experience the wonderful work of the regional and national work we fund.

Our investment is split into five areas, North, Midlands, South East, London and South West and you can find out more about investment in your area using the links above.

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Three performers partially obscured behind a curtain, with butterfly shaped light projections on the fabric, and above their heads.

Area Councils

Our five area councils: North, Midlands, London, South East and South West

A young girl examines a museum display.

Case studies

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Image captions
Top left to bottom right: 1. Dot, Squiggle and Rest at Polka Theatre with Royal Opera House. Photo © Robert Workman / Polka Theatre. 2. The Company of Wolves by Burn The Curtain based on the stories by Angela Carter. Image © Theo Moye 3. Pitt Rivers Museum. Photo © University of Oxford. 4. Carl Au in Bright Phoenix by Jeff Young at Liverpool Everyman. Photo © Jonathan Keenan for Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. 5. Sampad South Asian Arts perform at the Birmingham Weekender 2015. Photo © Andrew Fox / Birmingham Weekender. 6. Hofesh Schecter rehearsal at UDance. Photo © Brian Slater. 7. The Sultan's Elephant, Royal de Luxe, 2006. Produced by Artichoke in London. Photo © Sophie Laslett 8. Bestival Carnivale, 2015. Image © Tom Martin.