Resilience, sustainability and philanthropy

We want art and culture organisations to be resilient and sustainable. Our aim is for them to become more adaptable to all elements of the external world, including economic conditions and a changing environment.

    In response to changing economic conditions and cuts to public funding, we want to encourage and enable more private giving to our funded organisations. We are helping them build their fundraising capacity, by supporting them to forge new partnerships and explore alternative sources of non-grant income.

    We are also committed to embracing environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, both within the Arts Council and the organisations we fund.

      Colourful money boxes, viewed from above.

      Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy

      A programme encouraging an innovative and effective approach to arts fundraising, through training, fellowships and skills development

      A dark haired figure in a red outfit in the distance sits in a large body of water, breaking the horizon.

      Julie’s Bicycle

      We work in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle to help our National Portfolio Organisations and Major Partner Museums reduce their carbon footprint.

      A triangular structure of wood and glass inside the grounds of an old gothic building.

      Energy efficiency

      Find out how the Government Procurement Service can help art and culture become more sustainable

      A crowd gathers around a large metal sphere which is filled with buckets of flames.

      Support and guidance

      Art and culture organisations are acting to inspire change in the world around them. Find out how you can too.

      A dancer contorts in front of a screen showing a swirl of colours.


      Environmental sustainability is now embedded within the funding agreements of all our major programmes

      Recent resilience news, blogs and case studies

      Young boy in school uniform holds up hand painted letters next to his face

      Proving people wrong

      Ross Burnett looks at the way the Arts Impact Fund is bringing new opportunities to arts organisations

      A group of dancers perform in Lewisham.

      Sharing good practice in culture

      In partnership with LGA, we’ve developed a hub for local authorities to share best practice when planning cultural services in their area.

      Image captions
      Top left to bottom right: 1. Colorful money boxes, view from above. Photo © moodboard / Cultura / Getty Images 2. In Between Time 2015 - 'NightWalks with Teenagers'. Photo © Paul Blakemore 3. Flood Plans, In Between Time Festival 2015. Photo © Jo Hellier. 4. Situations - Sanctum Bristol. Photo © Max McClure. 5. Fire Garden by Carabosse. Photo © Angell / Thames Festival Trust 6. David Glowacki's 'Hidden Fields'. Photo © Paul Blakemore / Interactive Scientific Ltd. 7. Primary school work with Bow Arts. Photo © Bow Arts 8. Karen Poley – Bicycle Ballet. The Bureau of Silly Ideas has been awarded £150,000 as lead in a consortium also including Red Herring and KP Projects. Photo © Raysto Images 9. Oxford Christmas Lights Festival, December 2013. Photo courtesy of Oxford City Council. All rights reserved. 10. No Credit Displaying 11. Strictly Cycling by The Bicycle Ballet Co, part of the consortia led by The Bureau of Silly Ideas. Raysto Images 12. Lewisham, Heart and Soul. Photo © Lewisham, Heart and Soul. 13. Musiko Musika's ECCO Concert at Southbank Centre. Photo © Harriet Armstrong / Musiko Musika. 14. Artificial things by Stopgap Dance Company. Photo © Chris Parkes 15. Jeremy Bailey, Master Slave Invigilator. Photo © Chris Foster / Abandon Normal Devices. 16. Birmingham Weekender 2015. Photo © Andrew Fox / Birmingham Weekender 17. Atmosphere by Edmund de Waal at Turner Contemporary. Photo © Benjamin Beker. 18. Artificial Things by Stopgap Dance Company © Photo Chris Parkes