Goal 3: resilience and sustainability

A man in a diving suit.

In response to changing economic conditions and cuts to public funding, we want to encourage and enable more private giving to our funded organisations. We are also committed to embracing environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, both within the Arts Council and the organisations we fund.

A crowd gathers around a large metal sphere which is filled with buckets of flames.

Support and guidance

Art and culture organisations are acting to improve their resilience - find out how you can too

A dark haired figure in a red outfit in the distance sits in a large body of water, breaking the horizon.

Julie’s Bicycle

This partnership helps our funded organisations reduce their carbon footprint

A triangular structure of wood and glass inside the grounds of an old gothic building.

Energy efficiency

Find out how the Government Procurement Service can help art and culture become more sustainable

Goal 3 in action

A group of dancers perform in Lewisham.

Sharing good practice in culture

In partnership with LGA, we’ve developed a hub for local authorities to share best practice when planning cultural services in their area.

Image captions
Top left to bottom right: 1. Fire Garden by Carabosse. Photo © Angell / Thames Festival Trust 2. Colorful money boxes, view from above. Photo © moodboard / Cultura / Getty Images. 3. Flood Plans, In Between Time Festival 2015. Photo © Jo Hellier. 4. Situations - Sanctum Bristol. Photo © Max McClure. 5. In Between Time 2015 - 'NightWalks with Teenagers'. Photo © Paul Blakemore 6. Oxford Christmas Lights Festival, December 2013. Photo courtesy of Oxford City Council. All rights reserved. 7. Lewisham, Heart and Soul. Photo © Lewisham, Heart and Soul. 8. No Boundaries 2017. Photo © No Boundaries. 9. Kamal Kaan (c) Maria Spadafora 10. Travelling Light Youth Theatre end of term summer sharing 2015. Photo: Camilla Adams / Travelling Light Theatre Company. 11. Liverpool Library on National Libraries Day 2016 © Graham Lucas Commons 12. Faith Bekoe performs in Sanctum, Bristol. Photo © Max McClure / Situations Sanctum Bristol. 13. Photo: James Berry & Spitalfields Music 14. Stopgap Dance Company: Artificial Things. Photo © Chris Parkes 15. Slung Low's 59 Minutes to Save Christmas at Barbican Centre. Photo © Susanna Sanroman / Slung Low 16. Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love stories), Kneehigh Theatre. Photo © Steve Tanner