Working with local authorities

Local authorities are the biggest funders of arts and culture in England. Together we work in partnership to ensure culture is successful and sustainable. Faced by a challenging financial environment, many are responding with imaginative and innovative ideas about how they can continue their vital support for arts and culture.

We know that the capacity for local government to support for art and culture is being challenged. Our priority is to work in partnership to sustain the local cultural infrastructure; sharing best practice to help authorities make best use of resources, or develop new business models.

We will deploy our own funding in new ways which help lever in funds from elsewhere, and continue to create a better balance of spending between London and the rest of England.

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An outdoor space viewed from above, as small crowds of people gather around benches.

Community and place

Explore our research and data on the impact of art and culture at a local level

A performer juggles a frying pan, an egg, and a burnt baguette as a crowd of people watch.

Cultural Destinations

Enabling arts and culture organisations to increase their reach by working with the tourism sector.

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