About the National Portfolio, 2018-22

A budget of £409 million will be available for the National Portfolio each year between 2018-22. This will include £341 million of grant-in-aid and £68 million of National Lottery funding.

An increase of £37 million per annum on the previous investment period (2015-18) will be used to help support the our ambition of achieving a 4% uplift in the proportion of the NPO budget spent outside London; support the integration of museums and libraries, for arts and museums’ activity into our portfolio; and bring new, small and diverse organisations into the portfolio.

Find out more about the key changes, that will help us to better achieve our strategic goals

Integrated National Portfolio funding for arts, museums and libraries

For the first time, museums, arts organisations and libraries are able to apply for National Portfolio investment, though libraries will only be able to apply for arts and museums activity.

This will open up the possibility across the sector for interesting and exciting partnerships, benefiting the public, artists and practitioners that work across these boundaries.

A four year funding period

We have lengthened our funding agreements from three to four years, giving organisations more time to plan, develop and create great work. This means the National Portfolio will run from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2022.

Four categories in the National Portfolio

The National Portfolio will be divided into four new categories: bands 1, 2 and 3 and Sector Support Organisations.

Our expectations around monitoring and evaluation will be tailored to match levels of investment.